Our Distinctions

With 20-plus years in the financial industry, at Marathon Wealth we help families, individuals, and small businesses pursue their financial goals with thoughtful and tax-sensitive investment guidance. We focus on helping you achieve your greatest objectives with simplicity, transparency, and a disciplined process to measure your progress.

When selecting your wealth management team, there is a lot to consider. You need a partner with extensive knowledge and experience in the financial industry. You also need to know that the advice you receive is objective and specific to your goals and risk tolerance.

With Marathon Wealth at your side, we're in this with you for the long run. Together, we analyze your current course of action to determine whether it's moving you toward your financial goals. If not, we identify alternative courses of action and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We are your trusted partner, who recognizes that planning and achieving financial goals is a marathon and not a sprint.

Whether you are just starting out or you have built a life-time nest egg--Marathon Wealth is here to guide you at any level. We have the expertise to help you go the distance and reach your highest goals. And for our tax-sensitive accounts, we do our best work with portfolios at $500K and above. Let us help you explore our services and portfolio options. 



  • Tax management
  • Investment management
  • Retirement strategies 
  • Estate conservation
  • Education Planning